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Caldera is a city located in the Atacama Region, which belongs to the Copiapó Province. Historically known for having had the first railway in Chile, (Ferrocarril Caldera-Copiapó), and for the important mining activity that it carried out since the 19th century, today Caldera is presented as a city of great tourist importance for the province, and in we tell you what you need to know to get and get around in this beautiful Chilean town.

Located 75 km away from the city of CopiapóCaldera has a desert climate representative of northern Chile, it can be said that it has a coastal climate that in summer can reach 32 ° C, while in winter it is around 7 ° C.

The presence of the railroad alludes to a period of economic importance in which Caldera was established as one of the most important ports nationwide, the railroad being an essential means of transport for activities related to the port and the extraction of natural minerals. That industrialization that took place during the 19th century, made Caldera a city with economic, social and cultural relevance, which can still be seen today in its architecture and historical legacy.

Among its most interesting locations we find the Church San Vicente of Paul, beyond its construction in stone and wood, the church is relevant since it preserves an image of the Virgin of Dolores, which arrived there as booty of war from Peru during the War of the Pacific, and was preserved as a symbol of Chile's triumph. In the Estación Caldera Cultural Center, you will find the structure of the first railway station in all Chile, which today houses the Caldera Paleontological Museum. For its part, the Tornini House Museum is a private museum destined to preserve and disseminate the memories referring to the War of the Pacific, and the abundant Italian emigration that took place in Caldera at the end of the 19th century. The headquarters of the Cultural Development Center and the Punta Caldera Lighthouse are also listed as the most tourist infrastructures in the city.

Caldera has fascinating natural destinations, among which are Playa La Virgen, which has been classified as the best beach in all of Chile, as it stands out for its white sand and warm waters. Although the beaches extend throughout Caldera, we also find places like the Orbicular Granite that was declared a Nature Sanctuary since 1981. The paleontological site of Caldera is known as Cerro Ballena, located next to the Panamerican Highway. Finally, in Caldera you can enjoy a fabulous phenomenon, because eventually, hundreds of flowers bloom in the desert, the particular event is known as the Flowering Desert.

In Caldera you also usually practice water sports such as swimming, kayaking, surfing, windsurfing, while on land it is worth enjoying the landscape by cycling, trekking, mountain biking, not to mention the fabulous photographs that can be taken.

This coastal town is accessible through the Panamerican Highway number 5, and you can get there by bus from different cities with companies such as Expreso Norte or Pullman Bus. From other towns you can also access Caldera by land with the option of shared trips, a service available in the app.

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Buenos días como estas ustedes wega yo necesito viajar el martes si dios quiere yo quiere saber que permiso necesito para viajar arica y cuando salir el pasaje y la hora de salida gracias

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