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Characterized by its beautiful natural landscapes, Cochamó is located near the city of Puerto Varas, in the Province of Llanquihue, Los Lagos Region, and is made up of very important localities with a very high tourist attraction such as the Cochamó Valley, the Puelo River, the Manso River and the Reloncaví Estuary. This city can be accessed from Puerto Varas by route 5, also bordering Puerto Montt, Hualaihué and Argentina.

Cochamó is an ideal destination for lovers of extreme sports and at we tell you what you need to know to get there and get around in this adventure center.

The Cochamó Valley, Kocha - Mo or "where the waters meet" in Mapuche translation, is known worldwide as one of the best destinations in South America for climbing, trekking, kayaking, rafting and mountain biking. It has rivers and large waterfalls that make it a paradise for extreme sports, with its gigantic granite walls for which it receives the name of the Yosemite of South America, in reference to the California park, which resembles its landscapes and climbing centers. You will find in this valley Cerro Arcoiris, a magical place where the birds, the sound of the water, the large and leafy trees, the imposing mountains, and all the elements of nature will invade you with tranquility.

This great ecosystem has many options to explore such as: Cerro Gorila, Cerro Catedral, Cerro Trinidad, Cerro Torrecillas, Cerro Tronador, Cerro Elefantes, the Amphitheater "The Big Wall" a destination only for experts, granite mountain of more than 1890 meters , and the unmissable Toboganes de Cochamó. A whole list of natural destinations to practice the activities that are of your interest.

By adjoining Argentina, Cochamó has great and strong cultural and economic alliances with the neighboring country, among them the exchange with the timber and livestock industry, which allows to promote the development of the city. Among its traditional festivities there are: La Quinta Minga Por Mar y Tierra, Maja Chilota in Llau-Llao and the Manners Festival of the Algueros de Pupelde, all these southern celebrations of marine gastronomy.

This city and its towns have a public and municipal library very well suited for reading lovers, trails where you can go horseback riding and hiking. In addition to national parks such as Vicente Pérez Rosales, a protected area since 1926 that stands out for the impressive turquoise colors of its waters, its diversity in flora and fauna, its snow-capped volcanoes and the Tagua Tagua Park with more than 3000 hectares of private protected area .

Cochamó is a magical place that you cannot miss. In you can get bus tickets to Cochamó from Puerto Varas, Puerto Montt and Osorno with the company Sendero Valle Cochamó. You can also travel directly to Cochamó using shared rides from the app, available for iOS and Android.

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Cochamo Valley

Pristine landscape, crystal clear waters and trails wrapped in magical natural charm… This is the fascinating Cochamó Valley. Only suitable for adventurers!

If you plan to travel to this fabulous destination during the summer, you must first make a reservation at the authorized campsites. Remember that without this reservation you will not be able to access Cochamó Valley. If you are determined to live this adventure, you can make your reservation here!

Cochamó slides

A work of the Pachamama! A set of stones perfectly smoothed by nature transports the water to a crystalline well of turquoise depth ... Yes, it is a natural water slide, and it is in Valle Cochamó!

After 5 hours of walking through the valley, the slides emerge in the middle of the vegetation and it is the perfect place to rest and camp. Apart from this entertaining dip, the night in this place is a million stars.

Rainbow Hill

Adventurous sense, resistance and nerves of steel, if you have all this, the Cerro Arcoíris del Valle Cochamó is going to enchant you. Let's get to know it!

This destination is described as the most difficult and even dangerous in the entire valley, but it is also full of praise for its remarkable beauty and astonishing view. It is a walk that can last up to 10 hours, in addition, it requires all your stamina and guts. And you, would you dare to go to Cerro Arcoíris?

Comfort in the middle of nature

Do you want to enjoy nature without so much sacrifice? Then your ideal place is Puelo Libre.

Puelo Libre is a hostel, pizzeria and brewery that is located on the banks of the Puelo River. Here you can enjoy nature inside a cozy wooden house that has one of the best views of the valley and the river, the disconnection and rest could not be more perfect. 

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