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Buses Ivergrama is an intercity bus company from Chile that offers passenger transportation services and special services as well. It was created in 2000 by its founder, Iberthe Flores, specializing initially in specific services for municipalities, mining companies and touristic services.

Today, they own a fleet of 18 modern buses that move passengers from rural sectors to bigger cities. The buses from this company are distinguished for being buses with high security and comfort standards for its passengers.

Buses Ivergrama also has corporate tie-ups with companies, offering the possibility of buying tickets with facturas, renting buses and having private and special services, at the most convenient prices. In addition to this, they also offer national and international touristic services, event transportation and corporate transportation services.

Among its most common destinations we find cities such as Santiago, Temuco, Puerto Saavedra, Carahue, Valdivia and others.

Its headquarters are located in Santiago and, from there, its services depart from the Terminal Sur.

Buses Ivergrama has its services available to be purchased online through, where users can compare the prices and services offered by more than 50 bus companies.

infoInformation of Buses Ivergrama

Founding date: 2000
Head office: Ocho Pte Nº 850, Buin, Chile.
Website: No disponible
Website’s languages: Spanish, English, Portuguese
Fleet size: 18 buses
Main destinations: Santiago, Nueva Imperial, Puerto Saavedra
Departures from Santiago: Terminal sur
Teléfono Buses Ivergrama: No disponible
Cargo: No disponible
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Frequently Asked Questions


What are the total number of routes covered by Buses Ivergrama on daily basis?

Buses Ivergrama covers 12 routes (approx.) on daily basis.


What is the shortest and the longest route covered by Buses Ivergrama?

Shortest route is Temuco to Santiago
Longest route is Santiago to Puerto Saavedra.


What is the contact details of Buses Ivergrama?

Customer support of Buses Ivergrama is No disponible


Cancelation process and charges of Buses Ivergrama online tickets?

Users can easily cancel Buses Ivergrama tickets online on Buses There is a 15% cancelation fees for tickets cancelled within minimum four hours before the scheduled departure. Online tickets can not be cancelled within four hours of scheduled departure.


What is the ticket price of Buses Ivergrama?

Cheapest route is Temuco to Santiago: CLP$10700
Most expensive route is Temuco to Santiago: CLP$10700.


What are the main routes of Buses Ivergrama?

Main routes of Buses Ivergrama are following:
Santiago to Puerto Saavedra CLP$10700, Santiago to Carahue CLP$10700, Santiago to Nueva Imperial CLP$10700


Buses Ivergrama site language compatibility?

Buses Ivergrama official site is available in three different languages: Spanish , English , Portuguese
Buses Ivergrama Chile in spanish: - No disponible
Buses Ivergrama Chile in english: - No disponible

Rutas y pasajes de Buses Ivergrama

  • Dirección principal: Ocho Pte Nº 850, Buin, Chile.
  • Teléfono principal: No disponible.

The commitment to safety by Buses Ivergrama is reflected in the outcome of the national inspection program carried out by the Subsecretaría de Transporte. During the second semester of 2019, a period in which they were inspected 130 times, they achieved a decrease in the percentage of infractions by 13.6% compared to previous registrations, reaching 26.9%.

Ranking de Buses Ivergrama

Buses Ivergrama tiene una calificación promedio de 3.3 sobre 5 puntos en, de acuerdo a los comentarios de 8 usuarios que viajaron con Buses Ivergrama en los últimos 6 meses. Estos usuarios calificaron a Buses Fierro y su servicio en función de los siguientes criterios:
- Quality of the bus: 3.5
- Punctuality: 3.8
- Service and Attention: 3.7
- Would you recommend the service?: 3.4
  • "Los asientos demasiado pequeños no hay espacio para estirar las piernas por lo cual el viaje fue horrible ya que por motivos de fuerza mayor duro 16 horas desde Santiago a temuco "
    Jose Letelier olea
    3.0 #{t :rating}
  • "No dejó comentarios"
    Daniela pizarro
    4.5 #{t :rating}
  • "Muy bueno y cómodo y buen servicio."
    Norma Huilcapán Cadín
    5.0 #{t :rating}
  • "No dejó comentarios"
    Hector Levil
    4.3 #{t :rating}
  • "Bus y baño muy limpio. Tripulación muy preocupada"
    5.0 #{t :rating}
  • "No dejó comentarios"
    Diego Fuentes
    4.5 #{t :rating}
  • "Excelente.gracias!!"
    macarena vasquez
    5.0 #{t :rating}

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rams sankar

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Buenos días como estas ustedes wega yo necesito viajar el martes si dios quiere yo quiere saber que permiso necesito para viajar arica y cuando salir el pasaje y la hora de salida gracias

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